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Quality Wrapping

Undoubtedly, Bayón Pellicer Packaging stands out in the market thanks to its recent renewal, commitment to excellence in design, and packaging composition.

Our highly specialized team in creating packaging solutions is committed to bringing your products to life in a unique and attractive way.

We invite you to discover how we stand out in the market and how we can help you convey your brand’s values through packaging.

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Proven and solid track record


Dedicated to understanding your specific needs.


Adherence to established delivery timelines


Communication and transparency in the project.


Packaging Design: The Difference that Matters

Packaging design is a crucial aspect that directly influences consumer perception.

At Bayón Pellicer Packaging, we strive to create designs that match the quality of your products.

We understand that packaging is the first point of contact between your brand and customers, so we work to ensure that geometry and graphics are irresistible and communicate the right values.

Each design is an opportunity to stand out, and we do it in a way that captures consumer interest.

This is achieved through the careful choice of materials and special finishes that make your packaging truly unique.

packaging cajas blancas

Quality Materials and Finishes

Our experience as part of a diversified business group gives us a significant advantage in material knowledge and production traceability.

This means we are in the best position to select ideal materials for your product and brand.

We offer special packaging with finishes such as stamping and UV coating, allowing you to stand out and make your brand truly unique.

We use the highest quality materials to ensure that your packaging is not only visually appealing but also durable and functional.


Sustainable Packaging Design: A Commitment to the Planet

Sustainable packaging design is essential today.

We understand that packaging represents the first impact of your brand on the consumer, and we want to ensure that this impact is positive for both your brand and the planet.

At Bayón Pellicer Packaging, we strive to create designs that match your products but are also environmentally friendly.

Our highly specialized team is dedicated to finding the best option for materials and design that conveys your brand’s values while minimizing environmental impact.

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Special Finishes: Details that Make a Difference

At Bayón Pellicer Packaging, we understand that details are important.

We finish each of our projects with finishes and details that add quality and value to the product.

Our special finishes not only make your packaging visually stunning but also add a tactile sense of quality.

This translates into a more meaningful brand experience for your customers.


Creative Packaging: Tailored to Your Needs

Our approach to packaging design is highly flexible and adaptable to any need and product type.

We design from scratch to achieve a 100% customized product that fits your needs perfectly.

At Bayón Pellicer Packaging, we manufacture differentiating elements and develop exclusive packaging based on your specifications and requirements.

Our goal is to make your product stand out and become a true work of art.

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Bayón Pellicer Packaging is the perfect choice for those looking to bring unique and attractive packaging solutions to life. Our experience, specialization, and commitment to excellence in design and composition make us leaders in the market.

We invite you to contact us and discover how we can help you stand out in the market through quality, personalized, and creative packaging.

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Contact us now, we take care of making the most of your ideas and putting all the quality so that your customers enjoy a more positive experience with your products.

Need help with your packaging design and production project? Feel free to contact us at or at 96 353 03 22. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Discover how our recent renewal and commitment to excellence in design set us apart in creating quality wraps.

Explore our advantage in material knowledge and production traceability, ensuring special packaging with unique finishes to make your brand stand out.

Learn how we approach sustainable design, minimizing environmental impact while creating attractive designs that convey your brand’s values.

Discover how our special finishes not only make your packaging visually stunning but also provide a tactile experience of quality for your customers.

Explore our flexible approach to packaging design, creating 100% customized solutions that fit your needs and product type perfectly.

Learn more about our unique offer of recycled leather envelopes and explore our catalog to discover creative and sustainable options for your packaging.

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